How can we match an existing marble that is 20 years old?


We have marble in our church that is 20 years old. I need to repair some and I can't find a decent match locally. Is CTaSC able to find marble to match existing marble?
Thanks for the help!


ANSWER - First of all natural stone can vary in appearance and performance depending on which quarry it comes out of or what portion of the quarry it comes out of.

Some natural stones have a lot of color and vein variation, which is what makes it look great.  Other stones may have little variation.  These geological types of stone tend to be relatively consistent in appearance over time.

It is easier to match a stone with a lot of visual appearance variation than one without much variation.

More often than not, we can match stones, but it takes some effort.  You have to visit many stone suppliers and get samples of the stones that you think are close to matching, and take them to the stone installation to see if it is an acceptable match.  You might have to buy a lot more stone tiles than you, so that as you do repairs or expand the installation you can cull out the tiles that are not a good match.

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