What is the best type of material to use on a laboratory counter top?


I would like asking about the tiles product for counter top that is used in laboratory. Essential feature is should be plain color, and also have edge marine, as special piece, the tiles have to be high resistant for chemicals and solvents. Please give us advice about companies produce this kind of this tiles.


ANSWER - The best counter tops for laboratories that is known to be chemical resistant is soapstone.  It is a natural stone that has been used for many years in these types of applications.  It comes in plain colors and you can fabricate the edges however you want them.  You should get a sample from your local stone supplier and test it with the chemicals it will be subjected to in your laboratory.

2 thoughts on “What is the best type of material to use on a laboratory counter top?

  1. Tarek Aly says:

    Please, I asked about ceramic tiles that can use for counter top and source as suppliers for this tiles
    Tiles size in mm 145 x 145,, 200×200,and in many thickness
    If you please guide me for some supplier that. Produce glaze and nonglazed tiles and also produce special parts for edge and corner.
    Best regards
    Tarek Aly

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