How do we remove a Urethane Grout Haze from a Tile?


We've installed Pratt & Larson handmade tile in three of our bathrooms. Urethane grout haze sat on it for at least a month. We are trying to remove this haze but it is being very stubborn. This was an expensive project for us so we are willing to put in the time to do whatever it takes to remove the haze. So, my most important questions to you are:

1. If we scrub long and hard enough, will we eventually get the haze off?

2. What do you advise to remove the haze?

Many thanks,
Sandy Hall


ANSWER - If you rub too hard you might damage the tile.

The best approach is to contact the manufacturer of the urethane grout and ask them how best to remove the urethane grout haze.  The manufacturer of the grout show know how best to remove the haze.

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