How do you remove smudges from floor tiles?


I had tile installed on my kitchen floor and there smudges on some of the tiles, I tried acetone, cleanser and soap and nothing worked, it looks even worse, do you have any suggestions?


ANSWER - First you need to determine what caused the smudges on the tile in order to determine how to remove them.

If you have a polished porcelain tile there is a condition known as optical haze that can occur on tiles that were not polished properly at the factory.   Typically you can only notice the smudges when light from a certain angle is hitting it.   There isn't anything that will clean it.  In theory it can be re-polished after the tile is installed by using natural stone restoration company who specializes in polishing granite tiles.

If you have a polished marble or other type of stone sometimes the stones are sealed at the factory to enhance the color and stability of the stone.  If a solvent type of product comes in contact with it, then it could cause smudges.  In theory the stone restoration professional could re-polish and seal it.

Some stones or glazed tile surfaces are chemical sensitive.  If they come into contact with certain acidic products it can cause the tile surface to etch.  There is no way to remove it on a glazed tile, but you can re-polish a natural stone.

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