How to Remove Adhesive Stains from a Calcutta marble countertop


I had a Calcutta marble countertop installed in my master bath two weeks ago. Immediately glue stains appeared from the adhesive. The installer initially told me the counter would be ready to use in 24 hours, then he said a few days, then a week, now he is saying it could take 8 weeks for the glue stains to dry out. They can not seal the counter until the stains are gone. While they have spread out a bit and started to lighten up they are still there. This is the 3rd marble counter I have installed over the last few years and never seen this problem. My designer says she has never seen this either. I can not install plumbing and use the bathroom until this is resolved. What are your thoughts?


ANSWER - The only glue they should be using on a marble countertop is the resin adhesive to bond the section together or to bond the apron to the slab.  Sometimes if they have joints between the backsplash and the countertops they might fill those with a silicone sealant.  They also might have used an adhesive to glue the marble to the wood top over the cabinet.

Regardless, it shouldn't take more than a few days for the sealant or resin to cure.  Don't know why you can't just clean the glue off the counter right away.  The only thing I can think of is that if they mixed the two resin incorrectly in terms of the ratio between the two, it might never cure.  If your installer can't resolve it immediately, then I would hire an experienced stone restoration company to come out and evaluate and repair it.

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