Will residual water from a leak cause damage to my tile installation?


We discovered small amount of water coming up through our grout, long story short, we have ruled out any type of waterline leak and started removing all the tiles across the house... to find out it was actually a slow leak from rain water coming in from a door. The rain water was seeping through the side of the tile, and probably traveling through the thin set and concrete slab. Because we have never seen water coming in, this slow leak probably happened for about 3 years. Water would pop up at random spots in my house. (some were 25 feet away from the door) Our contractor says it's because the water went through the slab and since the slab is not monolithic, the moisture can come up at random spots. We will re slope the outside area by the door to make sure water can't come in again this way.

My question is, do we need to remove the tiles for the rest of the house to make sure there's no other wet spots? Our contractor stopped at where it seemed dry, but I can't stop thinking about what if there were random spots that we just can't see. If left alone, and without new moisture coming in, would that water go back down into the concrete and dry on its own?


ANSWER - If the tile was installed correctly the residual water/moisture should not harm the tile.  Tile is often installed in showers, fountains, and pools and the moisture should not harm them as long as installation isn't in an exterior environment with a freeze-thaw climate with a porous tile.

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