Why is it that my granite counter top feels rough?


Why is it that my granite counter top feels rough? It was installed 5 months ago.


ANSWER - Granite countertops are normally fabricated to a high polished surface that makes it easier to maintain.

Lately, some quartzite and granite countertops are fabricated and installed with a leather finish.  This is a slight textured finish that doesn't substantially cause more maintenance.

I'm assuming that either your granite counter top was smooth when it was installed and became textured or that it had areas of texture that you didn't notice until after it was installed.

Granite that is installed on concrete floors on ground and subjected to prolong moisture can spall, which is a form of the surface deteriorating and will give it a textured feel.  This normally does not happen to stone on countertops because there can't be any underlying source of moisture.

I have seen on granite countertops that were recently installed that the installers were a little sloppy with their clear epoxy as they glue various pieces together, and it leaves a textured surface in those spots.   I'm guessing that is more likely your situation.

Although, if your stone countertop was not a true granite and it was acid sensitive, it is possible that the surface can become etched from being subjected to acidic substances such as citrus products.  The stone surface can be re-polished to remove the etched stains.  Sealing the granite with a penetrating stone sealer can help make the stone more resistant to chemical if the chemicals are cleaned up promptly and with the appropriate cleaners.

6 thoughts on “Why is it that my granite counter top feels rough?

  1. D A Mullen says:

    The 10 year old granite countertop in a home we just bought is rough along its veins. I’m thinking it may not have been polished or sealed properly. I can’t find anyone to come and re-polish it. If I re-seal it, will that fix the issue? If so, can you recommend a sealer?

    • Donato Pompo says:

      Veins in natural stone are inclusions of other minerals. Overtime as they are subjected to moisture and thermo movement conditions they can fracture. They can be repaired by a professional stone restoration company who can fill them with a resin material and re-polish and seal the stone.

      The stone should be resealed with an appropriate stone sealer at least annually or when water no longer beads up on the stone surface.

  2. Tina Miller says:

    My new granite countertop is rough on top. It has the appearance of a bunch of little scratches. Is this normal? I’m not liking this very much and I am deeply disappointed.

    • Donato Pompo says:

      A new polished granite counter should not feel rough or have scratches. Sometimes they get some resin residue on the top as they fabricate it, but it should come off. Some times there are micro chips along seams, but that is normal. If the scratches are slight or if there is resin residue the fabricator should be able to fix those conditions easily.

  3. Amanda says:

    We bought a home last year that has what looks like marble countertops. However they are bumpy and not shiny at all. If you were to write on a piece of paper on top of them it would mess up your writing. Any idea what this is? It’s white and grey if that helps any. I looked online and can’t find anything similar. It’s not just texture but bumps.

    • Donato Pompo says:

      Sounds like it could be a leather finished stone. This finish is relatively new within the last few years and there has been a demand for it.

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