What is causing the White Stain on my Granite Countertop and What can I do about it?


Have a small milky lookung area in my black or dark green Uabata counter top was told to put some oliver oil on it what do you think?


ANSWER - I assume you must have an Ubatuba granite counter top.

Many granite and other types of stone are treated at the processing plants with sealers or color enhancers or resins to stabilize or enhance the appearances of the stone.  These coats can be affected by various chemicals that can cause them to be removed or to give it a stained or etched or smudged appearance.  I assume the milky appearances that you refer to might be one of these conditions.

I would not recommend olive oil.  The olive oil might darken the spot, but it may actually stain the stone and make it standout more than it is now.

The beauty of natural stone is that you can refinish it to bring ti back to looking like new by hiring a professional stone restoration company to restore it.  If you knew what was used to enhance the stone originally, you could maybe touch up the spot so it isn't noticeable, but there is no telling what it is.  An experience professional stone resorption company might determine what the coating is and have a repair solution.  Make sure you check the references of the stone restoration company to make sure they will perform the work correctly.

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