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Strength of Slab Granite countertop with no plywood base

ANSWER - If you ordered 3 cm slab stone and received 2 cm then you didn't get what you paid for and should be reimbursed or have it replaced.  2 cm stone can work fine…

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Our Granite tops are staining quite badly

ANSWER - Chances are the stone that you have may be over-burden granite or a type of metamorphic stone called gneiss, which commonly is sold as granite. Often these types of stones are very colorful…

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How to repair Granite Seam after countertop was moved

ANSWER - It appears the tile installers subjected the counter top to excessive movement during their tile installation.  The seam of the granite is a weak point so the force it was subjected to was…

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Sealed granite kitchen tops have coffee stain

ANSWER - Even though you sealed your granite counter top it doesn't prevent staining if the coffee spill was left on for an excessive amount of time or if it wasn't cleaned completely. The stain…

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Why are there heat marks on granite counter from a cup?

ANSWER - I have never heard of granite showing heat marks. The natural granite itself should not be affected by heat. My guess is that there is some coating on the granite such as a…

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cleaning failures Slab Stains stone

Not happy with discoloration in Granite Countertop

ANSWER - I understand your concern about the discoloration in your granite counter top. It is not uncommon for natural stone to have veins and areas of different mineral content that causes color differences, which…

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Industry standards for granite seams and the splitting of seams?

ANSWER - Countertops are to be flat within 1/8" in 10 feet. Transition joints from counter to wall or other material is to be 1/8" with a tolerance of +/- 1/64". Joint seams widths are…

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