How to repair Granite Seam after countertop was moved


Repair Granite Seam - I have had Juparana Columbo for about 6 years. I have one seam that was sealed with an epoxy and ok--I recently had my floors tiled - and the installers had to pull out the stove, remove kickboards. Afterwards I noticed that the the two sides of the seam are no longer even one slightly higher, and the cleft between more obvious. How can this be repaired? I'm really upset, the cabinet underneath doesn't appear collapsed. Thank you.


ANSWER - It appears the tile installers subjected the counter top to excessive movement during their tile installation.  The seam of the granite is a weak point so the force it was subjected to was greater than it could resist.

It can be repaired and likely will look as good as new if a qualified and competent stone fabricator does the repair.  They can align the slab to be level and properly supported, and then they can re-epoxy and clamp the piece together.  Then they can finish the surface so it looks acceptable.

Good Luck!

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