Slab of granite in kitchen has obvious seams


Granite Countertop Quality - I'm hoping someone can answer my concerns. I am having a home built and had granite slab counters put in kitchen at some point during construction of the counters the cabinet company moved the cabinets which caused the granite counter to be off 1/4 inch and had to be replaced. the section they replaced looks horrible. I realize that like wood not all slabs of granite will match, but the seam is so blatantly obvious and the seam on the back splash is about an inch and a half from the seam on the counter which looks even more obvious. It is an (L) shaped section of a counter with a sink cut out. They cut a seam about 3 inches from the sink to replace the problem section . Should they have used a new slab for the entire (L) shaped section or do I not have a leg to stand on? Our walk through is in a couple days and I just don't know where I stand? PLEASE HELP!!!


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