Not happy with discoloration in Granite Countertop


Staining in Granite Countertop - I need some advice. I recently contracted with a kitchen company to purchase new cabinets and have granite installed in my home. When the granite was installed I noticed that there was a yellowish trail of discoloration of approx. 1 1/2 feet to 2 feet in length. There is no particular pattern and the discoloration (which looks like spilled coffee) is not shown in any other piece of the installed granite. I contracted with the kitchen company and they sub-contracted with the granite supplier and the fabricator. I am totally not happy with the discoloration and with the kitchen company because they have not been an advocate for me as their customer to provide any solutions to my problems. Also, I feel that the fabricator should have either asked me to choose another piece of slab or cut around the lengthy discoloration rather than installing such a piece of granite. I am seeking some professional advise. Two photos are attached.


ANSWER - I understand your concern about the discoloration in your granite counter top.

It is not uncommon for natural stone to have veins and areas of different mineral content that causes color differences, which is part of the nature of many stones.

Although, it is within the standard of care for the stone industry that the slab of stone is viewed and approved by the owner before it is fabricated and installed. That is one of benefits of working with slab stone and fabricators, because you can actually pick out the slab of your choice.

If the sample you viewed for selecting your stone did not show the full range of various characteristics of this stone, then the supplier did not properly represent the material to you. Good Luck.

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