Questions about how to install a Granite Countertop


I am a homeowner. I have 3 questions about granite installation for a kitchen, 1. what is the minimum distance to drill hole from the sink edge to faucet (single handle) and can you explain why? 2. I do not want a sink center seam based on my research - are there pros or cons to it? 3. The granite will extend 12" past the cabinets on one side for a peninsula - it is 1/2" granite with a 3/4" plywood sub-base. Does it need additional support? I hope you can help


ANSWERS - First of all it is odd to have a 1/2" thick granite slab for a countertop.  Maybe you are installing 1/2" granite tiles?  Or maybe you mean you have a 3/4" thick granite?

Most Granite slabs are either 3/4" (2cm) thick or 1.25" (3cm) thick, and the standards are based on those thicknesses.  The thinner the stone the less breaking strength the stone will have.

  1. The minimum distance to drill a faucet hole from the edge of the stone depends on the characteristics of the granite stone.  Not all granite stones have the same physical properties. Some are more fragile than others.   In general, you want the front edge of the hole to be at least 1/2" in from the edge and maybe even more.

  2. If you need to seam your counter top, then normally it is either done at the center of the sink or at either the right or left corner of the sink.  It is a matter of preference in terms of aesthetics.

  3. The standards say that if you have a 1.25" thick stone, without a subtop, you can't cantilever more than 10".  If you have a 3/4" thick stone without a subtop you can't cantilever more than 6".   1/2" thick stone should not be cantilevered.   You can install corbelled supports under the overhang to provide the necessary support.


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