Acid Etching Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cleaning Expert Answers Maintenance Stains

How do I remove acid etch stains on my ceramic pool tiles?

Answer - Unfortunately when you acid etch the surface of a glazed tile it chemically alters the glaze and it can't be restored. If the etched area is contrasting in color to the tile color,…

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Expert Answers Physical Properties Polished selection Slab stone

What is the difference between Limestone and Marble?

ANSWER: According to Pizzul Marmi Aurisina's website blog, due to their technical characteristics, stones are particularly suitable for different applications and, indeed, have been used since the ancient times of the Bronze Age in any kind of…

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cleaning Expert Answers Maintenance Stains stone Stone Restoration

How long will it take for Limestone to Dry from being wet, and will the dark spots go away?

ANSWER - There are 3 subcategories of limestone per ASTM C568.   Their physical properties vary from being vary porous to very low absorbing. How fast the limestone will dry depends on how absorbing it is,…

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cleaning Expert Answers Stains stone

What caused my limestone tile to develop a yellow/brown stain along its edge?

ANSWER -  Normally if you have a  yellow/brown rust-like color stain it is due to a combination of the stone being subjected to excessive moisture and due to the presence of metal, or that the…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Debonding Tile Expert Answers failures Hollow Sounding Tiles Tenting

What caused our tiles to Tent and become Hollow Sounding?

ANSWER -  When tiles tent/buckle up it is normally due to the combination of lack of resilient movement joints and due to the tile not being bonded as well as it should. Movement joints are…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers installation Lippage Repairs

When is it necessary to replace an entire tile installation versus only make repairs of tile deficiencies?

ANSWER - There is no standard that says whether an entire installation should be replaced versus repaired based on the percentage of deficiencies. We always provide the option for repairing.  From an installer point of view…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers installation Installation Products - Adhesives Showers Wet Areas

Can excessive Steam and Condensation in a Shower caused damage to the Ceramic tiles?

ANSWER - If the ceramic tile was installed correctly over a suitable substrate for a shower application then it will not be harmed from being subjected to prolong hot water, steam, and condensation. Ceramic tile…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Hollow Sounding Tiles Repairs Waterproofing Wet Areas

How do I make Repairs on Schulter Ditra Mat?

ANSWER -  First of all having tiles that sound hollow is not a defect in itself.  Normally when tiles are installed over a membrane of some sort; like Ditra it will cause hollow sounds because…

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cleaning Expert Answers Maintenance sealers Stains stone

How do I remove the stains in my Granite Floor Tiles?

ANSWER - The dark color spots could possibly be due to underlying moisture below the granite tiles or they could be stains in the granite tiles. Granite is suppose to be technically impervious meaning low…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers grout Leak

What is causing water to flow out of our Grout Joints and what can we do about it?

ANSWER -  If water squirts out of the removed grout joint 2 feet in the air, then that is an indication that the water is under pressure.  I assume that the water squirting in the…

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