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How to install a Porcelain tile over an Elevator Floor?

ANSWER - Limestone isn’t so soft that it will crack easily.   The ASTM C568 standard for limestone breaks it down into low-density limestone, medium-density limestone and high-density limestone.  So limestone can be very durable. I…

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Backer Board Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Debonding Tile Expert Answers failures Floor Warming Repairs

How do I remove Loose Tiles without Damaging the Floor Warming Wires?

ANSWER - The first question is why did the tiles come loose?  If installed correctly tiles should not come loose.  Once you remove the tiles to repair you can evaluate the conditions underneath to help…

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Backer Board Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers installation Wet Areas

Is there supposed to be a backer board gap above a bathtub flange?

ANSWER - No there should not be a gap between the top of the bathtub flange and the backer board on the wall. There should be a moisture barrier behind the backer board that is…

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Backer Board Expert Answers installation Installation Guidelines Slab stone

Should I use mechanical anchors to install my 2cm thick granite stone?

ANSWER - Mechanical anchoring of the stone is always considered the safest method of installation.   If you do use mechanical anchors you need to be aware of the capacity of the particular stone you…

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Backer Board Expert Answers Removal

How should I remove cementitious backer board?

ANSWER - My first thought is that if the backer board is attached that well, why not leave it on and install over it?  If it is well attached then you…

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