How should I remove cementitious backer board?


I am removing a tile floor this has wonderboard underneath, which is screwed and glued to wood sub floor. I have tried everything I can think of to remove the wonderboard but nothing appears to work. I rented a floor stripper but it doesn't have enough bite. Is there any suggestions or tools recommended to help with this process. I have a large area to remove.


ANSWER - My first thought is that if the backer board is attached that well, why not leave it on and install over it?  If it is well attached then you can remove the residual thin-set from the backer board and fill any divots with mortar.  Perhaps you don't have the height and for some reason you need to remove it.

I assume you have removed the screws and that the backer board is just bonded very well to the wood subfloor.  Normally what is used to remove well bonded materials is a power chipping hammer that is sometimes referred to as a power chisel or a demolition hammer.  You can see someone using one on a YouTube video by clicking:  Power Chisel Video

Be careful not to dig into the wood subfloor to minimize the damage you might do to it.

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