Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Chips Expert Answers Moisture Problems

Chips in Wood Looking Porcelain Tile

ANSWER - Chances are the hot metal melted the glazed tile surface.  If the tile body is porcelain then by definition it should be impervious and should not compromise the tiles' ability to resist moisture.

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cleaning color Variation Expert Answers Exterior Maintenance sealers Stains

Can I stain my natural stone so it has a consistent darker color?

ANSWER - Staining natural stone isn’t something that is recommended by the natural stone industry.  Using enhancer sealers is what is typically done, but they only last so long.  So if you want to maintain a…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Concrete Concrete Substrate Slab Debonding Tile Efflorescence Staining failures Moisture Problems Testing Vapor Barrier

What is the Acceptable Moisture Content in a Concrete Slab for a Tile Installation?

Answer - The ASTM F1869 Calcium Chloride membrane was the dominate test for years and depending on the tile installation manufacturer they would request a value of anywhere from 3% to 12% per 1,000 sf…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile color Variation Expert Answers Standards

What is Acceptable Color Variation from the Tile Sample Selected to What is Provided?

ANSWER - What is called Shade Variation is normal in the tile industry, but what is considered reasonable variation depends... In the industry we have what is called in ANSI A137.1 Aesthetic Classes, which is…

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Counter tops Expert Answers Maintenance Polished Repairs Stains stone

How do I remove a smudge on my new Granite Countertop?

ANSWER - Many natural stones that are produced around the world are treated with a type of sealer to enhance the color of the stone.  If some type of solvent gets on the countertop e.g.…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Discontinued Tile Expert Answers Glazed Tile

Where can I sell my Franciscan Interpace Tiles?

ANSWER - If the tiles are 12x12 inch in size, it probably is the Franciscan Terra Floor Waves series.  They had many different colors.  It was an extruded glazed tile that was very durable and…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Deflection Expert Answers failures grout

How do you repair grout that comes loose so it doesn't continue to happen?

ANSWER - Grout joints in a 12x24 inch tile should be at least 1/8" wide otherwise the grout can't fill the joint as it should.  If the grout joint is 1/16" or less then chances…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Concrete Substrate Slab Expert Answers Flood Leak Moisture Problems Repairs

Will residual water from a leak cause damage to my tile installation?

ANSWER - If the tile was installed correctly the residual water/moisture should not harm the tile.  Tile is often installed in showers, fountains, and pools and the moisture should not harm them as long as…

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Expert Answers installation Stains stone

Should Adhesive Spots show through Marble Tiles?

ANSWER -  We have seen where the installer will cover the entire tile with thin-set adhesive (back buttering) and then use globs or spots of the adhesive to attach the tile.  This is not an…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Debonding Tile Expert Answers failures Insurance Claim Leak

Can a water pipe leak cause my tile to laminate and will the insurance cover the loss?

ANSWER -  If the tile was installed correctly and had adequate movement joints installed, the water flooding should not have caused the tile to debond.  Unless the water leak in the slab created a hydrostatic…

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