How can I become a Tile and Stone Expert Consultant?


I have 40 years experience in the industry as an installer and am looking to move forward in the industry and get off my knees. I would like to know if there is a way to move towards being a consultant?


The best way to become a legitimate consultant in the tile and stone industry is to become very knowledgeable in knowing and understanding the various industry standards regarding tile, stone and the installation products and methods.  Attending the ANSI, TCNA, NTCA, NSI industry committee meetings is a good way to get started.  That is the first thing to do.

In addition to the importance of having the knowledge, it is critical in being familiar with the scientific protocols and methods for investigating and testing construction defect issues, as well as in evaluating products as part of a quality assurance process that a true consultant must understand and be able to implement.

Besides having the knowledge, you have to be proficient at verbally articulating evidence and positions in litigated matters, and to be able to clearly and persuasively write detailed reports that will hold up in court when you have opposing attorneys doing whatever they can to discredit you and your opinions.

A good first step is to become a CTaSC Inspector, so that you get some mentoring on how to perform investigations and inspections.  Click her to apply

Also visit that has the different online training courses that can help you gain the knowledge and credibility, and the certification as a Certified Tile Specialist (CTS) and/or a Certified Stone Specialist (CSS).  Click here for details.

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