What is a Stone Banker?

ANSWER - According to Matthew Merrett of Israel, a banker mason is the mason who receives the stone in a square or rectangular shape, then with drawings, sections top bed moulds and bottom bed moulds…

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Exterior Grout selection Standards stone

What type of grout for the flagstone on my driveway?

ANSWER - For grout in flagstone with varying thick and width joints you need to have a grout with a greater ratio of sand to cement. If you want a specific color and more consistency…

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Exterior selection stone

Is Slate Suitable for a Driveway?

ANSWER - Most slates are considered hard and dense, but it varies depending on the type and source. Slate is a layered material so it can flake but is normally sturdy. A good quality slate…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile installation stone

Tips for Tile over Tile Installation?

ANSWER - It is an industry acceptable method to install tile over tile. The first important step is to verify that the existing tile is bonded substantially well to the substrate, since it is the…

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