color Variation Expert Answers installation Limestone Marble Moisture Problems Stains stone

Why is my New Marble Floor Tile Discoloring?

ANSWER - The marble may in fact be retaining moisture and maybe it will go away after it dries out.  On the other hand natural stone has various minerals within it that can react with…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers installation stone

Can I adhere Tile to a Stucco Wall?

ANSWER - You should never adhere anything to a stucco finish on a wall.  The stucco is typically a cementitous material with a low amount of cement that makes it relatively weak.  You should remove…

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cleaning Expert Answers Maintenance sealers stone Travertine

How to clean Unfilled Travertine Floors

ANSWER - I would never recommend installing unfilled travertine or any unfilled stone on a floor or it will collect dirt that could then develop into microbial growth if moisture is present.  It would be…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers installation Installation Guidelines stone Waterproofing

Is it necessary to waterproof under tile installations?

ANSWER - It depends on the application on whether waterproofing under a tile installation is necessary.  If it is in a wet application and in some exterior applications, then it is necessary to waterproof the…

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cleaning Efflorescence Staining Expert Answers Limestone Maintenance stone Stone Restoration Wet Areas

How do you remove stains in Limestone in an Exterior Application?

ANSWER - Limestone stone is a calcium carbonate sedimentary natural stone.  It contains various minerals such as ferrous oxide that when subjected to excessive moisture can develop mineral stains. Sometimes this is just minor staining…

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Expert Answers Marble Repairs Searching For Stone stone

How do I find a matching Marble Tile stone for a Repair?

ANSWER - Like snow flakes there are no two marbles that match exactly.  That is true for any natural stone since it is nature made.  Natural stone inherently varies to some degree depending on the…

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Counter tops Expert Answers Maintenance sealers Stains stone

Can Petit Granit Limestone Countertops Stain?

ANSWER - In spite of the name suggesting it is granite, Petit Granit is known as a Belgian Limestone.  Several sources on the internet state not to use it as a countertop and say it…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Exterior Free Tile and Stone Installation Guidelines installation Installation Guidelines Pool and Spa Repairs stone

Can I Install Mosaic Tiles over an Old Eroding Sandstone Flagstone Tile?

ANSWER - I assume this is an exterior application of the sandstone in a flagstone irregular shape.  Sandstone is Quartz stone from a geological point of view, but it is a class 1 that is…

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cracks Expert Answers Indent Fractures Showers stone

Why able I getting Hairline Cracks in my Carrara Marble Shower?

ANSWER - Generally speaking cracks are either reflective cracking where the underlying substrate has a crack or separation and it telegraphs through the marble or there is structural cracking where the structure has excessive deflection…

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color Variation Expert Answers sealers Stains stone

Why won't my Limestone Stain Uniformly when I try to Stain it?

ANSWER - It is not common to stain natural stone. There are enhancer sealers that applied to enhance the natural color of the stone. Natural stone is just that.  Every piece of stone is somewhat…

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