Can I stain my natural stone so it has a consistent darker color?


I have a driveway with grey Indian sandstone, which has lost it’s colour due to sun bleaching I’m guessing. We’ve sealed it a couple of times over the years, using a wet look style product as this seems to bring out the darker colour better, but I really would like to stain it to a no consistent darker colour and then seal it, in an attempt to achieve a uniform shade, rather than the patchy look where it has for example remained darker where cars have been parked.

I may need to give it some sort of chemical treatment to remove any residual sealant so that the colour treatment soaks in to all areas.

I would really appreciate your advice. I found you on a google search. I attach a photograph of my driveway for your information.


ANSWER - Staining natural stone isn’t something that is recommended by the natural stone industry.  Using enhancer sealers is what is typically done, but they only last so long.  So if you want to maintain a consistent wet/darker look that enhances the colors of the stone, then you have to reapply it probably every 6 months or so depending on your preferences and the climatic conditions of the area.

Porous stones will take a stain and you can seal over it, but you will probably still have the same issues of fading and having to re-treat it regularly.

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    • Donato Pompo says:

      If you are referring to a sealer that enhances the color of a natural stone you might be able to remove or diminish it by using a solvent to strip it away, but it depends on what type of enhance you used.

      It is best to go to the manufacturer of the enhancer and ask them how best to remove.

      Most penetrating sealer enhancers used on an exterior installed stone doesn’t last much more than 6 months to a year so it normally fades away.

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