Why Choose Tile for your Home or Business?


Why should I select a ceramic tile, ceramic porcelain tile, or glass tile for my residential or commercial applications?


Discover all of the benefits of tile, that is ceramic tile, ceramic porcelain tile, and glass tile

by visiting www.WhyTile.com

Learn about the following benefits of tile:

  • Healthy

  • Long Lasting

  • Durable

  • Easy Care

  • Fire Proof

  • Can provide a Waterproof Installation

  • Scratch Resistant

  • Endless Style Options

  • Adds an Artistic Flare 

  • Creates a Prestigious Image

  • Tile is Beautiful

CTaSC provides Consulting Services for selecting and designing with tile.  CTaSC can test and evaluate tiles to verify their suitability for the intended use. CTaSC can write architectural specifications and installation guidelines for the installation of all types of tiles for all types of applications so they qualify for a 25 year Labor and Material Warranty.  CTaSC can provide quality control and training services to help ensure the tile will be properly installed.  

Click here for more information on CTaSC Consulting Services: Tile Consulting Services

Make sure your Tile or Stone Installers are ITS Verified through UofCTS - ITS Verified Info:   

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