Crazy For Countertops

Crazy For Countertops

Wednesday, December 6, 2023, from Floor Covering Weekly

By Suzy Krogulski
Countertops are the keystone in every kitchen, tying together the flooring, walls, cabinetry and appliances. With so many different options available — from quartz to granite, tile to engineered stone — it’s a matter of what is most important to the consumer and identifying the right option for them.


Allison Chaya, customer service representative at Arizona Tile, explained, “When it comes to countertop performance, that depends on the lifestyle. Many folks are a fan of the durability and movement of a classic granite. Others find that a neutral-colored quartzite is better suited for their space, and it is known to be the most durable once installed,” she said. “It is recommended to seal natural stone upon installation and reseal every three to five years, compared to a softer stone like marble that is most protected with annual sealing. Other folks are drawn to the low-maintenance, less-is-more pattern of quartz which is a predictable, engineered stone that requires no sealing.”

Arizona Tile’s Calacatta Umber Marble island pops against a bold navy floor.

There are other options as well for consumers to consider. Offered Lindsey Waldrep, vice president, marketing at Crossville, “Porcelain countertops are fast becoming a strong contender in the luxury countertops industry, and for good reason: porcelain has long been the material of choice in demanding, high-traffic, high-performance environments and the same qualities that make porcelain a winner in these settings — low maintenance, durability, and versatility — make it a winner for countertops, too.”

The current market trends will also impact what consumers can expect to see on a showroom floor. Sam Kim, senior vice president of product at MSI, said that the neutral look of white and gray hues with a splash of color continues to dominate. “There’s a balance of predominant white, and a splash of warmth. Blue and green as accents also continue to garner great interest.”

MSI’s newest color Calacatta Miraggio Sienna from its Q Studio Collection features delicate veining.


When selecting countertops, Waldrep added that consumers should ask if the countertop will be durable and lasting against a variety of concerns, even taking the amount of light it will receive into consideration. For example, she noted, “Crossville porcelain slabs and countertops deliver advanced technical characteristics, ensuring superior strength, durability, low maintenance, weather resistance, UV stability and stain resistance. The 100 percent porcelain product is fired with added fiberglass reinforcement on the back. This measure of strength plus the dense, non-porous body prevents cracks, yellowing or staining.”

The seamless look from Crossville’s countertop and backsplash makes this room feel more spacious.

Ultimately, it’s up to the consumer to ensure that the countertops remain intact for as long as possible. Said Arizona Tile’s Chaya, “Regardless of material, to maintain the longevity of the stone it’s best to promptly wipe up spills. As a safety precaution, it’s best to use coasters and trivets on countertops with glasses and pan. Do not place hot items such as pots and pans on any stone.”