What does the $3 billion dollars of ceramic tile sales represent in 2015 in terms of what type of tile?


I see that you have stats posted for the total Ceramic Tile sales for floor coverings at almost $3 Billion. Does this include other forms of tile, and the sales for tile use in showers, walls, backsplashes and other placements? If not, what is the total sales for tile in those areas as well?


ANSWERS -  In 2015 the ceramic tile consumption in USA was estimated at $3.1 billion dollars in wholesale dollars.  It includes all types of applications.  It includes porcelain tile, which is a type of ceramic tile.

It is hard to break down the percentage used for floor versus wall, because many floor tiles are used on walls.

To obtain detailed data and statistics on the ceramic tile, glass tile, allied products, and detailed information about the overall ceramic tile market you can purchase the Catalina Ceramic Tile Report FC093 dated September 2015.   To review an abstract and table of contents for this report go to your Industry Report section by clicking on the following link.  Click Me.

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