How can I clean off the Rejuvenate Floor Restorer coating that made my tile look Cloudy?


We built a new home and have tile throughout my floors. I wanted to give it a fresh sheen to the finish so I used a product called rejuvenate floor restorer. After a couple of weeks it started to look cloudy and smudges appear all over the floor depending on the lighting. I am totally discouraged and upset. Can you please tell me how can i clean this stuff off of my floors so they can go back to the way they were. Thanks.


ANSWER - Normally there are strippers made to remove sealers or coatings that have been applied to a tile surface.  You have to contact the manufacturer of the Rejuvenate Floor Restorer and ask what to use.  If you can't get an answer then you can try contacting one of the sealer companies like Aqua Mix or Miracle Sealants and see if one of their generic strippers will do the job.

Before you can decide what to use to remove the coating, it is important to consider what type of tile you have.  Unglazed tiles are normally more porous and can become stained if you are not careful in the stripping process.  Glazed tiles have an impervious surface so they are more resistant to staining.

If you have an unglazed tile then sometimes a cloudy appearance can occur if the tile was sealed when it was damp or if there is a high moisture condition in the concrete slab below.   Removing the sealer might remove the cloudy appearance, but it won't solve the high moisture condition.

Be sure to test out whatever you try to make sure you are happy with the result before doing the entire floor or you might end up with a worst condition.

There are professional stone and tile restoration companies who specialize in restoring natural stone and cleaning floors who you can hire to evaluate your situation and to remediate it for you.

7 thoughts on “How can I clean off the Rejuvenate Floor Restorer coating that made my tile look Cloudy?

  1. Shelley LaForge says:

    what do you use if you have pergo laminate flooring? if you want to see discouraged, you should come to my house. I’ve been in tears all weekend.

    • Donato Pompo says:

      That is why you should have selected a ceramic porcelain tile rather than a laminate. It costs more but if installed correctly it will last for the life of the home.

      I would call the manufacturer and see if they have a solution to your problem.

  2. Linda Francisco says:

    I used rejuvenate floor restorer on my Porcelain tile floor. After cleaning it multiple times there is still some shine on parts of the floor and the other parts are dull. The tile floor surface is very uneven. How do I remove The remaining shine on the floor and restore my floor to an even texture? Thank you

    • Donato Pompo says:

      Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer is meant to add a shine to the floor. It will wear in foot traffic areas. If that has caused the shine, then call them or read their instructions on how to strip their product off of the floor. Or reapply it per their instructions to make it all have a shine.

  3. Tim dougherty says:

    Did the same thing was doing my wood floors but actually got it on my porcelain tile in my bathroom and it left a bunch of spots finally found out a little bit of vinegar and baking soda make it a paste and it will rub off all of the rejuvenate!

  4. Carol Feit says:

    How can I remove Rejuvenate floor restorer from my laminate floors,I accidentally used the restorer instead of floor cleaner!!

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