Tile TrendsView of an outdoor residential pool with a lounge chair and side table beside it, surrounded by gray stone look tile with pine trees in the foreground.

Stone look ceramic tile trends draw inspiration from the magnificent beauty of the earth’s geological past. Masterpieces of nature like limestone, bluestone, and slate are represented with such precision in characteristics like veining, coal lines, and visible fossils.

Stone looks have secured a spot in our trend discussions before and we’re expecting a strong resurgence this year. So, it comes as no surprise that stone looks appear in our countdown to Coverings 2024. This trend showcases the evolution of stone look tiles.

Natural stone’s organic appeal combined with the durability of porcelain is why stone looks for tile have become a notable staple. From the looks of rugged slate to luxurious marble, stone looks continue to captivate designers and homeowners alike. A growing interest in sustainable design also brings a renewed appreciation for ceramic tile’s ability to capture stone’s raw beauty.

Here are some of our favorite stone look tiles, ranging from intricate mosaics to large-format gauged porcelain tile panels/slabs.


Stone look tiles with geometric motifs are distinct enough to elevate interior designs and discreet enough to serve as a calm foundation for the room’s furniture and decor. These bisected limestone looks use the contrast of honed and polished finishes to bring a playful texture to the room.

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Stone look tiles with abstract color stories give any space an artistic, edgy energy. Abstract patterned tiles such as these slate looks have a bold personality — they carry a strong design statement from the indoors to the outdoors, unifying both living spaces.

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Gray stone look tiles in various tone depths make a “concrete” urban statement. Embrace brutalism’s raw beauty to give your designs an edge. Using stone look tile for stairs and furniture like these stepped benches leverages contemporary innovation and the appeal of modern angular interiors.


Stone look tiles in cool tones create a balanced contrast for the warm tones of wood and leather furniture to pop. They’re especially at home in warm climates where indoor and outdoor living spaces blend.

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Set Your Designs in Stone Looks

Stone looks have a rightful spot in our top tile trends of 2024, and there’s more to come!

Check our blog each week for more ceramic tile trends. Better yet, see them in person at Coverings 2024, April 22 to April 25 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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