Jan 24, 2024, from Coverings Connected Newsletter

Ceramic tiles offer a realm of design possibilities, thanks to their physical and visual benefits. Ceramics are comprised of completely natural ingredients, ecologically-friendly and recyclable, fire resistant, absent of toxic emissions, offer easy installation and remarkable durability. Beyond the technical and sustainable aspects, ceramic tiles also demonstrate exceptional aesthetic versatility. Available in a wide range of color and design options to a variety of formats and finishes, ceramic tiles enable the creation of surfaces that align with contemporary trends, while catering individual styles.

Continue reading to explore a range of ceramic combinations that will ignite inspiration and fuel creativity:

Realonda, Arlet y Ribera


Harmonizing With Different Hues


Colors selection plays a crucial role in identifying the decorative style of a space. Experimenting with multiple ceramic pieces in varying colors gives you the opportunity to define your environment and establish a unique identity in each room. Whether you’re leaning toward natural, neutral tones or embracing bold, striking pigments, a mixture of colorways will infuse every corner of your home with originality and creativity.

Cevica, Trivial
Da Vinci Cerámica, Gamma



Finishes You Can Feel


Textured reliefs are one of the most enticing choices among the vast number of finishes available on the market. Raw and rugged finishes create comfortable, welcoming spaces, providing a tangible effect throughout their surface. To further elevate timeless environments, opt for ceramic pieces in soft tones.

Keraben, Universe
Azteca, Bellver



Playful Prints


Utilizing ceramic pieces that feature different motifs such as floral, geometric or vintage prints is a perfect way to break the uniformity of smooth, homogeneous surfaces. The addition of an interesting pattern will not only create alluring, unexpected effects, it will allow you to craft one-of-a-kind spaces within your home.

Porcelánicos HDC, Fantasy
Decocer, Bouquet



Glistening Radiance


Each year, ceramic tiles that feature a marbling effect continue to gain popularity, injecting interiors with both light and volume. Integrating ceramic pieces with metallic finishes. will transform muted rooms into sophisticated, opulent and chic spaces.

Emotion Ceramics, Gala
Equipe, Hanoi



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