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Climate Change Projected to Reverse Migration

For the past 50 to 75 years, national migration trends have favored mobility from the Frostbelt to the Sunbelt. Recent research projects that in the coming decades, climate change will dramatically change where people choose to live. Read More

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The Lessons From Failure

But as most of you know, the most unhappy customers are the greatest source of learning about your employees, business policies and general operations. So here’s a thought: Attend a training session on “Worst Practices.” We don’t know of any such training but there should be. This is negativity in a very positive way. Kinda. Read More

Business Thoughts & Strategy Published Articles

Lessons From Barnes & Noble

Remember when small stores throughout America opened and started to offer this thing called VHS tapes of movies? Wow, instead of going to the movies, you could bring the movies home and watch them on your 13-inch TV. Read More

Business Thoughts & Strategy Published Articles

This & That by Jonathan Trivers

The AI craziness is just around the corner. Where it goes is anyone’s guess, especially in the flooring industry. The first place that will be using this is in operations, inventory replenishment and generally, business systems that will be improved using AI. Read More