cracks failures Movement Joints

Can You Diagnose Why Tub to Wall Sealant Joint is Cracked?

ANSWER - It is not normal for that joint between the tub and the wall to crack and it should not have to be redone on a regular basis.  There could be a few things…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile failures Moisture Problems Removal

Must I remove tile floor over wood after flood?

ANSWER - One of the drawbacks with installing over wood is if the wood gets wet it expands and when it dries it warps causing various structural stress on the floor and to anything attached…

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failures Grout Repairs

Thoughts about using acrylic paint over unsanded grout?

ANSWER - I don't know of any acrylic black paint that would be recommended and would have any assurance to lasting. Normally what is used is a grout colorant that is epoxy based and matches…

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