Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cracks Debonding Tile failures Grout Hollow Sounding Tiles

Help With Ceramic Tile Not Adhering and Grout Cracking

ANSWER - Regarding your description of your tile problem I will give you some input. We do inspections around the country, so we can be hired to investigate your problem (click here…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Debonding Tile failures

Some areas of tile over concrete has broken bond

ANSWER - Normally when tile looses bond it is because of compounding issues.  I would check to see if they left some carpet mastic or a residue of it that may be acting as a bond…

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cleaning failures Grout Stains

Grout Damaged From Cleaning Tile

ANSWER - If the installer said to stay off wet tile and the grout was dirtier later maybe they applied a sealer without buffing it dry that can lead to a tacky floor that will pick…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cracks failures

Is the cold Cracking the Tile?

ANSWER - Cold weather should not cause ceramic tile to crack particularly if it is an interior application.  It is possible that if you have a very porous ceramic tile that you have installed outdoors for…

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Tile Shower is Leaking, floor is damp and smells musky

ANSWER - It appears that your shower must have a leak that has allowed the water to leak outside of the shower.  The musky odor is likely due to microbial growth (mold) that has developed.  Ceramic tile and natural stone are very resistant to…

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Debonding Tile Exterior failures

Tile falling off of Building Exterior Veneer (facade)

ANSWER - Tiles whether ceramic tiles or natural stone or cement tiles should not fall off of the building.  There are tile exterior facades (veneers) that go back 1000 of years and are still performing well…

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Balcony Debonding Tile Exterior Exterior Decks & Balconies failures Moisture Problems

Why is my Exterior Deck (balcony) Leaking?

ANSWER - Tiles whether ceramic tiles or natural stone or cement tiles should perform well on an exterior deck if installed correctly.  There tends to be a lot of failures with exterior decks because they are…

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Debonding Tile failures Pool and Spa

Swimming Pool and Spa has tile falling off

ANSWER - Tiles whether ceramic tiles or natural stone or glass tiles they should not fall off.  There are all-tiled pools that go back over 100 years and they are still performing well today.  Tile when installed correctly is a…

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Debonding Tile failures Glass Tile Moisture Problems

Glass tile water fountain is leaking, tiles loose

ANSWER - Chances are when the tile was installed it was not installed per industry standards and it has several compounding defects. Generally speaking when there is a problem it is not due to one…

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Debonding Tile failures Hollow Sounding Tiles installation Moisture Problems Standards

How are voids beneath tiles harmful?

ANSWER - If you tap on a ceramic or stone tile with a hard dense material, like a steel ball, where the tile is not bonded it will sound hollow (lower pitch sound) than areas…

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