cleaning failures Stains Wet Areas

What is causing my Tile to Discolor in our Shower?

ANSWER - There are a number of variables involved in determining what is causing the discolored tiles, and it will likely require some intrusive inspections to verify the cause and to determine how to remediate…

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failures Hollow Sounding Tiles

Should I replace the tiles that sound hollow?

ANSWER - When tapping tiles with hard objects you can get a different sounds depending on the conditions beneath the tile. Hollow sounding tile does not necessarily mean that the tile is not adequately attached…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cleaning failures Stains

What could have caused Glazed Tile to stain?

ANSWER - Keep in mind that looking solely at photos is very limiting in developing a valid conclusion of what has caused the discoloration in the surface of your glazed tile floor. Looking at the photo…

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cleaning failures Grout Moisture Problems Stains stone Wet Areas

How to Clean Limestone and Grout in Shower?

ANSWER - First of all, if your grout joints have turned moldy and the limestone is turning a rusty color then those are symptoms that the shower floor was not installed correctly.  Water is probably being…

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cleaning failures Stains

What caused my tile to stain?

ANSWER - Depending on the type of tile in terms of whether it is a ceramic tile glazed or unglazed or some type of stone and its particular physical properties relative to what type of…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cracks failures Movement Joints

Why are my porcelain tiles cracking in 6 yr old home?

ANSWER - Porcelain tile, which is a type of ceramic tile, can crack for a variety of reasons, although if installed correctly it should never crack. Considering your tiles are installed on a concrete slab…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cracks failures Grout Tenting

Why is my ceramic tile grout cracking and tile tenting?

ANSWER - I understand that you have a townhome where you replaced your kitchen floor with ceramic tile in August 2010.  The tile was installed over hardibacker board that was applied over a wood subfloor over…

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Debonding Tile failures stone

Why is Limestone debonding from floor?

ANSWER - This suggests that the tile was not bonded well to its substrate for some reason. So when they started grinding the floor it caused the tiles to debond. There are many potential reasons why…

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failures Moisture Problems Stains stone

Travertine Tile Cracking and Crystallizing

ANSWER - Chances are that when the water pipe break occurred your travertine tile had voids under it so water was allowed to collect in those voids. This could have caused and perpetuated the development…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile failures Grout

Why is grout soft and coming loose in my ceramic tile?

ANSWER - Your grout should not be coming loose and not hardening.  It sounds like your grout joints might be too narrow to easily allow the grout to fill it.  Depending on the type of tile…

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