failures Hollow Sounding Tiles

What does it mean when ceramic tile, stone tile sounds hollow?

ANSWER - Your tile should not sound hollow.  When some tiles sound hollow and others do not that suggests that some or all of your ceramic or stone tiles are not adequately bonded to its substrate…

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cleaning failures Moisture Problems

How to get rid of fungus between tiles from water leak?

ANSWER - I understand that you had a water leak under your home, which was stopped after a couple of days. Now you are seeing a mold fungus (microbial) grow between the tiles in the…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile failures Standards

Why is my Ceramic Tile Chipping?

ANSWER - Chipping of ceramic tile can be caused by various conditions and for compounding reasons. Maybe the ceramic tile isn't very chip resistant. Although there is not a specific standard test for chip resistance…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Debonding Tile failures Tenting

Why are my ceramic tiles Tenting and Debonding?

ANSWER - I understand that you have ceramic tile installed onto a concrete floor, and some of the tiles have tented up and debonded. There are likely compounding deficiencies in how the ceramic tile was…

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cracks failures Grout

Cost to have someone investigate cracking and crumbling Grout?

ANSWER - If the ceramic tiles were installed correctly the grout should not be cracking and crumbling. Chances are your installation is over a wood subfloor and/or backer board. Maybe the floor was prepared incorrectly.…

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cracks failures stone

Cost to inspect Cracks in Limestone Tile?

ANSWER - Many types of limestone tile have veins that can appear to look like cracks, but are really natural veins of a different composition in the stone. If it goes completely through one tile…

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Debonding Tile failures stone Tenting

Why is my Marble Tile Tenting (lifting up-debonding)?

ANSWER - First of all, if your marble tile floor was installed correctly then it should not have tented up (lifted up) or debonded. When there is a failure it generally is not due to one…

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Debonding Tile failures

Tile debonded over Figerglass

ANSWER - The first thing you need to determine is why the tile adhesive you used did not bond to the fiberglass.  If it was cementitious thin-set mortar then that may be the reason because those…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cracks Debonding Tile failures Grout Hollow Sounding Tiles Movement Joints Standards

Why is Ceramic Tile Hollow and Grout Cracking on New Floor?

ANSWER - When there is ceramic tile or stone failures it is normally due to compounding issues. There could be excessive movement beyond the industry limit of L/360 deflection, but your subfloor description sounds substantial.…

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cracks failures

I Need Local Inspector for Cracks in Floor Tile

Answer -  The floor tile should not crack for any reason if it was installed correctly.  If there are existing shrinkage cracks in the concrete slab, before the tile is installed, it should be treated with…

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