Tile debonded over Figerglass


Tile debonded over Figerglass - I had ceramic tile put down over a fiberglass deck, but it didn't adhere and the tiles came loose & some cracked. What can I use that will adhere to the fiberglass?


ANSWER - The first thing you need to determine is why the tile adhesive you used did not bond to the fiberglass.  If it was cementitious thin-set mortar then that may be the reason because those products are not recommended for bonding to fiberglass.

Normally either an epoxy adhesive or a pure silicone adhesive will bond to fiberglass. Maybe even a urethane adhesive with work.

Some important steps is to make sure the fiberglass deck surface is completely clean.  The adhesive has to cover the complete surface of the back of the tile so there are no voids under the tile within the adhesive or it could lead to tiles cracking or crushing.

Make sure the manufacturer of the adhesive recommends their product for your application and that you follow their installation guidelines.  To see a list of tile adhesive manufacturers with links to their website, go to our website at www.CTaSC.com and go to Expert Answers and look under Resources for Installation Products.  Good luck.

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