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Wavy DENT crossing right through the travertine tiles!

ANSWER - What you have described sounds like a condition we see in some stone floors called “indent fracture.”   Many times you can’t see it unless light shines on it from a certain angle and…

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cleaning failures Slab Stains Standards stone

Our Granite tops are staining quite badly

ANSWER - Chances are the stone that you have may be over-burden granite or a type of metamorphic stone called gneiss, which commonly is sold as granite. Often these types of stones are very colorful…

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failures Grout Maintenance Moisture Problems

What can I do to prevent mildew on grout on my shower floor?

ANSWER - The mildew on the surface of the shower floor is an indication that perhaps water is trapped in the shower pan and is not able to escape to the drain, assuming you have…

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cracks failures Floor Warming Repairs

Crack in Tile over Radiant Heating - HELP!

ANSWER - If there is a crack in the ceramic tile floor you need to determine what caused it to determine how to fix it. It could be the tile had voids or was not…

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failures Repairs Slab stone

How to repair Granite Seam after countertop was moved

ANSWER - It appears the tile installers subjected the counter top to excessive movement during their tile installation.  The seam of the granite is a weak point so the force it was subjected to was…

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failures Moisture Problems stone

Investigating salt water damages to Granite Floor Tile

ANSWER - We have investigated many projects throughout North America where there has been a water incident that allegedly caused damage to a natural stone. Many times there are no resultant damages, or the damages…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cracks failures

What is the cause of the Indent Fractures in My Tile?

 ANSWER - Indent fractures normally occur in natural stone, although I have seen it in glazed wall tiles.  We normally don't see it in ceramic floor tiles. Normally indent fractures are due to excessive shrinkage…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile failures Moisture Problems

Seepage through ceramic tile grout and pin holes

ANSWER - Not sure what you mean by seepage through ceramic tile grout and pin holes. I assume you mean that water or efflorescence is coming up through those areas. Moisture is the driving force…

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