Crack in Tile over Radiant Heating - HELP!


Crack in Tile over Radiant Heating - HELP! Can you tell me what kind of solutions are to be had for repairing cracks of tiling when there is in-floor-heat underneath? Can it be repaired...or is the best solution just to tear all of it out?


ANSWER - If there is a crack in the ceramic tile floor you need to determine what caused it to determine how to fix it.

It could be the tile had voids or was not bonded correctly.  If it is an isolated spot then you can repair it fairly easy.

If the crack is telegraphing up from the mortar bed where the radiant heating is embedded then it would require repairing or replacing the mortar bed.  Whether you have to replace the radiant heating depends on what type of radiant heating you have.

There is no way to easily answer your question.  If it is a small application you should hire a qualified installer to look at it for you.  If it is a larger application where it may justify paying for our services then we could investigate it for you.

Good Luck!

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