Some areas of tile over concrete has broken bond


Tile lost bond - I have ceramic tile that was installed over 12 yrs ago.It was installed over concrete in a home that is 25-30 yrs old.The areas had carpet installed originly. Some areas of tile have broken bond (with the thinset still bonded to the tile).This has happened over the last few years, with the most recent this past week.There doesn't appear to be anything on the surface of the concrete. (I have tested it for absorption).It absorbs moisture.I would appreciate any comments on this problem.


ANSWER - Normally when tile looses bond it is because of compounding issues.  I would check to see if they left some carpet mastic or a residue of it that may be acting as a bond breaker.  I would check what degree of moisture content the substrate has in it and if moisture is causing the mastic residue to deteriorate.  I would see if they have adequate movement joints in the floor and that there isn't too much deflection.

There are various variables and indicators that can be only detected by performing a thorough inspection with laboratory testing to substantiate the conjecture.  It may not be worth the money to figure it out.  A basic investigation with a professional report normally costs at least $2,500 depending on location and the degree of the inspection and testing (click here for inspection services).  Hope that helps!


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