Exterior installation selection stone

Ok to install stone tile over a crawl space?

ANSWER - Stone that is freeze thaw stable can be used under the freezing conditions you mention. Normally that means the absorption rate of the stone should be 1% or less such as some granites,…

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sealers stone

What color enhancer is best for natural stone?

ANSWER - Enhancers are sealers for relatively porous stones or tiles to give it somewhat of a wet look; not necessarily with a sheen finish. For stone it is important that it is a penetrating…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile grout sealers

Any grout colorant to change color of epoxy grout?

ANSWER - There are epoxy based grout colorants that you can purchase to apply over an epoxy grout or a cement grout to change the color. Go to our website at www.CTaSC.com to find Resources…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cleaning sealers

Mexican satillo tile floor is sticky after we used sealer/gloss

ANSWER - First you should contact the manufacturer of the sealer and ask them how to best deal with the problem. Generally speaking I have found the following method could resolve your problem: Use more…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile sealers

Can I use Polyurethane for a Sealer?

ANSWER - Putting polyurethane coatings over tile is not something that is normally done or recommended.  It might work, but I'm not sure how it would last or if it is health to prepare food…

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grout installation Repairs

Add more Grout over Shallow Grout Joints?

ANSWER - Generally speaking you would need to first cut out the grout joints with a diamond blade saw and then re-grout the joints after they joints are fully open and clean. If you don't…

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Standards stone Testing

What grade is COAST GREEN granite?

ANSWER - There is no such industry standard that grades granite with numbers like that.  Marble has a class A, B, C, D and that has nothing to do with granite. Without checking, Coast Green…

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failures installation Stains

Ring shaped spots of moisture in Basalt

ANSWER - I'm not sure what type of product Mapei Isolatic is. Since it is being added to Kerabond it must be a latex additive. The ring shape spots of moisture suggest to me that…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile selection

I'm having difficulty finding long, narrow ceramic tiles

ANSWER - There are rectangular ceramic, glass and stone tiles that are available.  Check with Walker Zanger.  Ann Sacks has glass tiles in various lengths and widths.  Or you can cut the tiles out of…

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Is it possible to tile wood stair case without issues in a few years?

ANSWER - It is always best to attach ceramic tile or stone tile to a concrete substrate that is very structurally sound and with little deflection. It is possible and legitimate to bond tile to…

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