Are Hairline Cracks Normal to Travetine?


Cracks in Travertine - We have several tiles with hairline to larger cracks. The larger cracks appear to be structural, "heaving cement underneath" and will likely be replaced. However, we have many with hairline cracks. Are hairline cracks normal to travetine? The cracked tiles are not near a water source, so no water damage.


ANSWER - Hairline cracks are not normal with any tile. If you have areas with large cracks, it may be that they were hairline cracks when they began or they were caused by a separate problem.

Shrinkage cracks in the concrete slab can telegraph up through the tile.

Structural cracks normally have vertical displacement and is a concrete slab or ground problem.

Some cracks are the result of excessive voids under the tile that have been subjected to some point load that the tile couldn't resist.

Cracks don't repair themselves, so replacement would be the solution, however, analyzing what is below the travertine will let one know
why they have cracked and how to remedy the problem, so they don't happen again.

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