How can I find about an old Ceramic Tile?


How to Find an old Ceramic Tile - I am looking for a certain type of ceramic tile, but all I have is a number on the back. Can you tell my what type of tile this is and where I can find it?


ANSWER - The numbers on the back of ceramic tile can not be used to locate tile. They are production run numbers that may have nothing to do with who manufacturers it or what its style or color may be.

Some times the body of the tile is made by one manufacturer and then the glaze on top of the tile, giving it its look, is done by another manufacturer. The same body of tile may be used for many different styles. If the manufacturer of the tile is a major manufacturer then normally their name is impressed on the back of the tile. Such as Marazzi or daltile or Laufen, etc. Then you could probably search for their web site on the internet.

Even then, unless the particular tile is only a couple of years old, it is likely discontinued and the only chance of finding it would be to find a distributor who still has some left in their inventory.

If there is no manufacturer name on the back then there is no way of determining who manufactured it. In that case you would have to try and search for the information through the home builder or owner who was involved in the original purchase.

Hope this helps you better understand what you need to do. Good Luck!

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  1. David Higgon says:

    Hi, The tile manufacture is Kerex Ceramica, the product is 304 x 304 x 10mm.
    On the box is L Ante Del Fuoco, Italian Porcelain.
    Tile name is Mesa White, Nerang Tiles where the original supplier but haven’t had it for some time.

  2. George Boscia says:

    Looking for a box of old tiles. Manufacturer is : KEREX , Tipo: 45, Tono: Gricio, Calibro: JA
    30 X 30 12″ X 12″ all the above info on the box

  3. David Chubb says:

    I’m look for an Italian tile and I, fortunately, have the box. The tile is 13″x13″ I’m guessing relevant phrases may be:
    Cerim Ceramiche
    Calibro 708990
    Tono Mi Beig
    Scltia 50A 4 1 10
    Tipo 10
    Code D1 64 13:03

  4. Lela Cheadle says:

    I’m looking for Daltile floor tiles 12×12, 5202. 1212HDIP2. The name of the tile is Goldust or Goldrush. The numbers on the bar code were 2-12×12 5202, 81516 27090. Thank you.

  5. MPotucek says:

    I still have a need for some 12″X12″ Daltile 5202 gold dust (1212). If you are interested in parting/selling some of them, please email me how we can proceeded.


  6. Kathleen Reiter says:

    I’m looking for old Daltile 4.25 x 4.25 shower tile. White, with ridges, ceramic tile. Does anyone know where I can file discontinued Daltile shower tile?

  7. David Aultz says:

    I am looking for +/- 20 year old Impronta tile (from Italy), 17″ x 17″ but measures out to be 16 1/2″ x 16 1/2″. On the box, it says I CREAM 57L 0 (I’m guessing Ice Cream). I went to a tile store that used to sell a lot of it, he said he cannot get it anymore, and that it was also called Cross Cut. Does anyone know where I can find it?

  8. Lindsay Bingham says:

    Need help identifying the manufacturer of a ceramic tile. Home built by Shea in 2006 in Arizona. Tile is 18×18 Ceramic and Color is Bahama Beige. Builder has purged records and no replacement tile to be found.

  9. James Douglas Turner says:

    I am looking for a few 12 x 12 tiles called Carrarra Gray made in France.
    Probably 20 square foot.

  10. MARIE FRENKEL says:

    I am looking for 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 tile that is either beige with brown or sand specs or cream w sand specs back says made in USA and has number 83 on back

  11. Ian Steels says:

    I am looking for tiles used in Wain Homes, Cornwall probably about 20 years old, 300 x 300 mm & has to be made in Turkey. The colour is a mottled beige with a marble like effect & smooth. Looking for about 35 tiles.

  12. Brian McCain says:

    I found the original sample tile with the following information on it:
    I’m needing to find Venus Brown, F15B, CALIDAD TONO CALIBRE , 18 X 18, made in Spain and there is a capital “P” stamped on the back.

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