Can travertine tile be installed directly to laminate countertop?


Travertine Tile installed on a Laminate Countertop - Can travertine tile be installed directly to a kitchen laminate countertop or would a backer board be needed?


ANSWER - It is possible to bond stone to a plastic laminate top if you use the appropriate type of thin-set adhesive. The laminate would have to be scarified in preparation for the tile installation. The problem is that the bond is only as good as the laminate is bonded to its substrate. The counter top cannot have any deflection greater than L/720. It would be better to attach the backer board over the laminate first so you get a good bond and a more sturdy substrate. Travertine is porous and can stain. You can seal it, but you will have to maintain it regularly. Go to our References and Links page and look under Installation Products and follow the links to the manufacturers' websites for more information.

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