Which type of tile would be warmer on the feet?


Warming Tile - We are building a new home and I am wondering which type of tile would be warmer on the feet,ceramic or porcelain? It will be installed on a subfloor.


ANSWER - Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic tile. They are both clay based material. Generally Porcelain tile is more dense than many ceramic tiles, but not always. There is no significant difference in using one dense tile versus the other for floor warming.

Actually today there are floor warming systems that can be incorporated into the tile installation as a reasonable cost. There are electrical floor warming systems that are thin and there are radiant heating systems that require a thicker application for embedding the water pipes for the hot water to run through. Each as there pros and cons. For more information on floor warming systems go to our website at www.CTaSC.com and visit the Resources and Links section of the site under Floor Warming Systems https://ctasc.com/Resources_and_Links/Floor_Warming_Systems/Floor_Warming_System.html.

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