Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Exterior installation Moisture Problems sealers stone Wet Areas

What is Efflorescence and How to Avoid it?

ANSWER - Excessive efflorescence staining (generally a whitish substance) on stone, tiles,  grout, or adjacent surfaces is a generally a symptom of an excessive…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cracks Expert Answers failures installation Wet Areas

Why did the shower walls bow and crack?

ANSWER -  First of all, tile applications installed on shower walls should not bow or crack.   What you describe sounds like it is a shrinkage problem in the floated wall mortar bed.  You didn't…

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cracks Expert Answers Grout Moisture Problems Wet Areas

What causes grout to crack and stay wet in showers?

ANSWER -  If only the grout is cracking, and not the tile, then normally grout cracks due to excessive movement in the tile assembly for one reason or another. There are many different types of tile assemblies,…

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Exterior installation Wet Areas

Is it ok to have plywood on a Balcony with tile over it?

ANSWER - The tile nor the stucco should be installed directly over plywood.  The plywood will expand and warp when exposed to moisture. The balcony should be fully waterproof with a slope to drain.  If it…

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failures Standards stone Waterproofing Wet Areas

Was my granite shower installed correctly?

ANSWER - First of all, green board is not an acceptable substrate in a wet area per the tile and stone industry standards, and per the Gypsum GA-216.   Green board is water resistant but will…

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installation Movement Joints Pool and Spa Wet Areas

Can Travertine Pool Coping be installed over steel?

ANSWER - It is possible to adhere the travertine tiles directly to the steel.  There is no need or value to use backer board in an application such as this. The steel has to be scarified…

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failures Moisture Problems Stains stone Wet Areas

Why does Limestone Tile in Shower have White Stains I can't remove?

ANSWER - Sorry you having a problem with your limestone.  Limestone normally does well in shower areas. I have seen this type of staining before.  There are a number of variables and factors that can…

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cleaning failures Stains Wet Areas

Why does the water from my shower stain the bathroom floor?

ANSWER - I just wrote an article for the Construction Specifier that will be published in May 2013 that talks about this type of problem and potential causes. Key things to look at are: 1.…

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cleaning Maintenance Wet Areas

How do I make my Mat Ceramic Tile Easier to Clean in a Shower?

 ANSWER - I don't know if you have a mat glazed or unglazed ceramic tile on your shower walls, but either way, you can apply a penetrating sealer on the tile surface, which will act…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cracks Repairs Wet Areas

How do I paint over Cracks in my Ceramic Tile in my Shower?

ANSWER - First of all, if you have cracked tiles that suggests that there is an underlying problem.  Cracks in the shower can lead to leaks in areas that could cause other water damages within or…

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