Can you use wax on ceramic tile?

Yes you can wax the surface of ceramic tile, although you then will have to maintain that surface. Wax can offer some protection to the ceramic tile surface and give it more of a sheen.…

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Can the tiles be sealed to prevent turning darker from water?

ANSWER - Although most glazed ceramic tiles are impervious, there are some that are absorbing to some degree. You can apply a sealer to the glaze by using one of the products from a sealer…

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grout sealers

Will painting grout with acrylic latex paint work?

ANSWER - You should not use a latex paint over your existing grout joints, because it won't provide adequate coverage over the existing color, nor will it last. There are special products called "Grout Colorants"…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Floor Warming selection

Is Ceramic Tile a Good Choice for Sunrooms?

ANSWER - Ceramic tile is perfect for sunrooms so you can benefit from the energy saving passive solar effect (Winter time allows sun to shine on the floor and absorb heat, then it is released…

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Can tile be installed over existing counter without having to rip it out first?

ANSWER - Yes, you can install new ceramic tile over an existing ceramic tile counter top, but with limitations. First, the existing ceramic tile must be installed well and structurally sound. If the old tile…

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Exterior grout installation

Something other than grout for tile on a cement pad outside?

ANSWER - First of all you need to be sure that the ceramic tile or stone tile that you want to use exterior is freeze thaw stable. The tile should not have more than…

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cleaning failures grout stone Visual

How is Tumbled Stone supposed to be treated?

ANSWER - Tumbled stone comes in many different types of stone. Some stone is more porous and are unfilled types of stones such as travertine. People have different preferences on how they treat the stone.…

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