Suggestions to darken grout?


How to Change the Grout Color - I have a light colored flagstone patio & the grout matches the stone. I would like to darken the grout - what is your suggestion please?


ANSWER - There are grout colorants that allow you to change the color of your grout to almost any grout color. They are epoxy based, and it is a tedious process.

First, you must make sure your grout is porous and that it will accept a stain. If there isn't a sealer over the grout and it readily absorbs water when you put a drop on it, then you just need to first clean it very well and let it dry. If there is a sealer on it and it won't readily absorb then you have to strip the sealer off or roughen up the grout surface and clean it until it does readily absorb.

Then you have to carefully apply the grout colorant without getting it on your flagstone or it might stain the flagstone. On our website go to Expert Answers to find Resources and click on Cleaners and Sealers for a list of manufacturers. Select Aqua Mix and click on to their website. They have Grout Colorants. Be sure to strictly follow their applications instructions. Good Luck!

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