How Can I Fix Epoxy Grout in Shower Stall?


Epoxy Grout Problem - I am very distraught about a job that was done in our shower stall. The worker convinced me to use epoxy grout on the shower floor, as well as the side walls. He used white grout and did a lousy job. There are grainy spots as well as uneven layers, and pinholes. Not to mention that the white has yellowed! Could I spread regular grout on top of epoxy grout? Or could I paint it with white epoxy sealant?


ANSWER - Sorry to hear about your epoxy grout problem.  It should have been finished by the installer in a manner so it was smooth and would not tend to pick up dirt and would be easier to keep clean.  The epoxy grout should not have yellowed and it should not have pin holes.  In the past white epoxies have tended to yellow, but that should not be the case today and the grout manufacturer's normally warrant against that condition unless the installer did something to cause it.

It is possible to apply more epoxy grout over existing epoxy grout, but it normally requires having at least 1/8 inch depth to work within the grout joint.  There are epoxy grout colorants where you can paint over the existing epoxy, but it is very important to properly clean and smooth the grout joints before applying the grout colorant. Be sure to protect your tile during this process. If you go to Expert Answers' Resources on our website and look under cleaners and sealers there is a link to a company named Aqua Mix who sells grout colorants.   Good Luck!

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