How do I clean grout sealer off porcelain tiles?


Removing Sealers off Porcelain Tiles - How do I clean grout sealer off porcelain tiles? I tried vingar and water I tried 409 and scrubbed each tile nothing is helping. These are glazed tiles and new. I have 2200 square foot home.Please Help!!!!


ANSWER - Sealers cannot be removed with acidic products and regular cleaners.  You need to use a sealer stripper.  You should contact the manufacturer of the sealer, if you know who made it, and ask what they recommend for its removal.  If you don't know who made the sealer, then go to any of the manufacturer's of sealers and ask what they recommend for removal of unknow sealers.  They normally say that their sealer will remove most types of sealers, but you need to first test it out to make sure it will work for you.  You can get a list of sealer manufacturers on our website under Resources on the Expert Answers page.

If you are trying to remove the sealer because it was applied incorrectly and is very tacky and picking up dirt easily, then you can consider using the same sealer to apply over it that should dissolve the existing sealer to some degree, so you can then immediately wipe it clean and dry with a lint free cloth.  Be sure to test this method out first to make sure it will work to your satisfaction.  Good Luck.

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    • Donato Pompo says:

      If you use a stripper that is meant to remove sealer coatings it will remove it to the extent it can reach the sealer. Depending on what type of sealer you used and how far it penetrated into the grout will dictate how effective the stripper will be. Generally speaking sealers don’t last much more than a year if that in terms of repelling water.

  1. Joanne Kaufman says:

    We need help! Someone came to deal the grout in our new home and ended up putting a thick layer on the actual tiles, apparently not knowing what he was doing. We can live with the sticky, gooey mess ourselves for a while, but we have several cats and we are afraid they’ll walk on the tiles, lick their paws, and be exposed to toxins. How do we remove the sealer with a pet -friendly product? Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

    • Donato Pompo says:

      Depending on what type of sealer you have, sometimes you can reapply the sealer over the tile surface and it will re-emulsify the sealer so you can then just use a link free cloth to remove all of the emulsion off of the tile. The tile will still be sealed but it removes the excess sealer that was applied to it.

      If that doesn’t work then you can use a sealer stripper to apply over the grout and remove the sealer from the surface of the tile. You will have to read the sealer stripper data safety sheet to determine how safe it is for your environment and usage.

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