Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Exterior failures Standards Tenting

What is causing my tiles to bulge up?

ANSWER - I believe what you are describing is a condition called Tile Tenting. Ceramic tiles, particularly those that are more absorptive, will expand when subjected to heat or moisture.  If the tile installation doesn't…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cracks installation Movement Joints Standards

Why is my Tile Floor Squeaking?

ANSWER - The fact that there is a squeak under the tile suggests that the wood underlayment subfloor is moving to some degree.  I doubt that it is the tile assembly itself moving independent of the…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers failures Grout installation Standards

Why did my Tile Grout Crack? Was the tile installed properly? What Tile method should be used to Replace the floor?

ANSWER - It is acceptable per the industry standards to adhere tile to a wood subfloor in dry applications.   The plywood subfloor should have a plywood underlayment over it and the configuration of the floor…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile installation Standards

What TCNA Installation Method is Recommended for Quarry Tile

ANSWER - There are a lot of variables and depending on the application, what conditions it will be subjected to, and what the condition of the slab is will depend on what is the appropriate installation…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile installation Standards

What is the correct adhesive for installing my ceramic mural?

ANSWER - I had said to use the ANSI A118.11 if you were bonding to wood, although it also works to bond to concrete or backer boards. If you are bonding to Hardiebacker board, I think…

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failures Standards stone Waterproofing Wet Areas

Was my granite shower installed correctly?

ANSWER - First of all, green board is not an acceptable substrate in a wet area per the tile and stone industry standards, and per the Gypsum GA-216.   Green board is water resistant but will…

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installation Standards

What is the proper way to install tile over a wood subfloor assembly?

ANSWER - Per the Tile Council of America Handbook for the installation of tile detail F144-15 it recommends a minimum 19/32” exterior-glue tongue and grove plywood with 1/8” gap between sheets as base over 16” oc…

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failures selection Standards stone Testing

Is there a test to verify the quality of a travertine stone?

ANSWER - There are ASTM standards for the minimum/maximum physical property requirements for a travertine stone, which is ASTM C1527.   They do classify the stone as either Class I Exterior or Class II interior use,…

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cracks Slab Standards stone

Granite Slab Countertop Fissure question

ANSWER - The photos clearly show that the vein separation is a fissure, which naturally occurs in some stones. By definition of the American Geological Institute a fissure is an extensive crack, break, or fracture in…

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installation Standards stone

What is the allowable variation in thickness between two different stones?

ANSWER - The MIA (Marble Institute of America) has standards for tolerance of fabricating stone from one supplier or shipment. They have a category of Thin Stock (3/4” to 2”) thickness that is limited to…

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