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What is ADA Slip Resistant Requirement for Rental Units?

ANSWER - ADA has taken the numeric value out of their recommendation for slip resistant floors, so there isn't a specific number you have to meet.  The general rule is to meet a .6 COF wet…

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installation Movement Joints Standards

Do I Need Expansion Joints and Crack Isolation Membranes?

ANSWER - Per TCNA EJ171 standard, exterior tile applications should have expansion joints (movement joints) every 8 to 12 feet in all directs and be filled with a backer rod or tape and a C920 sealant (structural…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile installation Movement Joints Standards

Installing Porcelain Tile with Mastic

ANSWER - Organic mastic is not considered a long lasting product, and depending on the type of mastic you used (ANSI A136.1 type 1 versus type 2, and the quality of the product) it can…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Standards Testing

Does the ASTM C-648 (breaking strength) Take Thickness into Consideration?

ANSWER - ASTM C648-04 (2009) Standard Test Method for Breaking Strength of Ceramic Tile does not take into consideration the thickness of the tile sample being tested. It is generally true that the breaking strength of…

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Moisture Problems Pool and Spa selection Standards stone

Any rule or industry standard for travertine and salt water pools?

ANSWER - There is no standard addressing stone and salt water pools.  Salt Water pools are relatively new and recently more popular, so we are just now starting to see some problems with certain stones and…

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selection Slip Resistance Standards Testing

Does polished tile meet ADA Standards in a chapel area?

ANSWER - Americans with Disability Act (ADA) states that the minimum dry static Coefficient of Friction (COF) of 0.60; ramps: 0.80.   Based on the other industry recommendations I would say it needs to be a minimum…

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installation Slab Standards stone

Are there industry standards for flush Granite sink cutouts?

ANSWER - The Marble Institute of America (MIA) Design Manual does not discuss flush mounted sinks.  It is more common to have a reveal and not common to flush mount sinks.  I would be concerned…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Metal Tiles Standards

Metal Tiles - Does the ceramic tile industry include metal tiles in their classification?

ANSWER - Metal Tile is considered to be in the category of a Specialty Products in the ANSI A137.1 ceramic tile standards.  There is no specific reference to metal tile, but you could apply some…

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installation Slab Standards stone

Strength of Slab Granite countertop with no plywood base

ANSWER - If you ordered 3 cm slab stone and received 2 cm then you didn't get what you paid for and should be reimbursed or have it replaced.  2 cm stone can work fine…

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cleaning failures Slab Stains Standards stone

Our Granite tops are staining quite badly

ANSWER - Chances are the stone that you have may be over-burden granite or a type of metamorphic stone called gneiss, which commonly is sold as granite. Often these types of stones are very colorful…

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