Does the ASTM C-648 (breaking strength) Take Thickness into Consideration?


ANSI A137.1 ASTM C648 Ceramic Tile Breaking Strength requirements - Can you tell me if the ASTM C-648 (breaking strength) takes the thickness into consideration? I assume that the min values for a 0.32” thick walltile is different that the min value for a 0.21” thick wall tile, correct?? Do you have those min values for me??


ANSWER - ASTM C648-04 (2009) Standard Test Method for Breaking Strength of Ceramic Tile does not take into consideration the thickness of the tile sample being tested.

It is generally true that the breaking strength of a tile, with the same clay body type, will be greater the thicker it is.

ANSI A137.1-2008 does not state what the thickness of wall tile should be.  It states on the glazed wall tile chart that all glazed wall tiles should have an average breaking strength ≥125 lbf and with each tile tested having a minimum breaking strength of ≥ 100lbf.  Good Luck.

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