failures installation Lippage Standards

What are the Standards for Acceptable Tile Lippage?

ANSWER - There is a lot of confusion about what is acceptable tile lippage and what isn’t. I will be preparing an article on this topic soon. There are quantitative industry standards for what is…

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installation Standards stone

What is the allowable variation in thickness between two different stones?

ANSWER - The MIA (Marble Institute of America) has standards for tolerance of fabricating stone from one supplier or shipment. They have a category of Thin Stock (3/4” to 2”) thickness that is limited to…

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installation Standards

What is the proper requirements for Thin-Set Adhesive Contact for Tile?

 ANSWER - If you simply email me a photo and I can answer the question within 5 to 10 minutes we don't charge for our time.  Otherwise if you needed our quality control consulting services…

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Grout Standards

Where do I find the proper mixture of Grout?

 ANSWER - ANSI A108.10 Installation of Grout in Tilework provides ratios for on-the-job mixture of cementitous grout. 1 part portland cement to 1 part fine graded sand is used for grout joints up to 1/8…

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Exterior installation Standards

How do I prepare my outdoor patio for a tile installation?

ANSWER - To install tile on your outdoor covered patio you need to consider several things.  Are you in a freeze-thaw climate area?  If so you need a tile that is freeze thaw resistant.  If…

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failures Hollow Sounding Tiles installation Standards

Are Tiles That Sound Hollow a Problem?

 ANSWER - Having hollow tiles by itself doesn't mean there is a problem.  But that fact that when the tiles were removed they came up in one piece is an indication they are not bonded well.…

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failures Grout installation Lippage Standards

What is the acceptable lippage in a tile installation?

 ANSWER - I'm not certain I fully understand your question, but I think you are saying that the floor tile installation grout joints are consistent in width, but the height difference between two adjacent tiles, which…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Standards

How to determine if a tile is Porcelain?

ANSWER - The general rule of thumb for whether a ceramic tile is a porcelain type of ceramic tile or another ceramic tile body type is that the porcelain tile body cannot have an absorption rate…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile installation selection Standards

Can Ceramic Tile Seconds Be Installed Without Problems?

ANSWER - There is no standard for seconds other than it doesn't meet the ANSI A137.1 standards in some respect. On the other hand it isn't expected to represent any unlimited degree of flaws. In the…

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installation Standards

Can I Install Tile Over My 24" o.c. Floor?

ANSWER - It is definitely a good idea.  If you have a sun room then you want to have cementitious material under the tile in order to take advantage of the energy savings from the passive…

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